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Explore and master complex heuristic problem-solving concepts at your pace. Our courses, led by skilled Math specialists, offer prerecorded video lessons for top-notch instruction. Address your weaknesses and prioritise learning with focus and flexibility. Start your journey towards math excellence today!


Matrix Math has crafted an online self-learning course tailored to simplify the challenging topic – Percentage, especially for Primary 5 students. Our programme development team observed that there are numerous ways Percentage concepts can be tested, which makes its related problems challenging. We’ve researched and identified the three fundamental concepts that every student must master to excel in their exams – we call them “The Percentage Essentials.” Course Essentials: This course will walk you through these essential percentage concepts, equipping you with problem-solving tips and a deep understanding of how they are tested in exams. Course Highlights: Targeted Focus: We will address the top three variations of percentage problem sum concepts that schools frequently test. These are the ones you can’t afford to miss! Video Explanations: Our comprehensive video explanations provide an engaging and visual way to grasp these complex concepts. Our experienced instructors will break down the concepts step by step, ensuring you understand and retain the material. Quiz for Mastery: We have included a quiz section to test your comprehension and reinforce your learning. This course simplified the most challenging aspects and provided the essential tools to tackle percentage-related questions confidently. Pricing Details: Regular Price: $36 Promotion Period: Not applicable  


Course Highlights: Comprehensive Insight: Acquire effective techniques for solving high order Average problem sums. Targeted Focus: We address the top three common variations of the Concept of Redistribution. Video Explanations:Comprehensive video explanations for all three variations. Quiz for Mastery: Test your comprehension with an inclusive quiz section. Pricing Details: Regular Price: $16 Promotion Period: Not applicable  


Course Highlights: Comprehensive Insight: Understand the Supposition method’s intricacies and rationale. Targeted Focus: We tackle the two most frequently encountered variations of supposition questions, gauging students’ abilities. Video Explanations: 4 videos cover the 2 most commonly tested Supposition heuristics problem sum variations. Quiz for Mastery: Evaluate your understanding through a comprehensive quiz segment. Pricing Details: Regular Price: $10: A valuable investment in a foundational problem-solving technique. Promotion Period: Until the end of December 2023, seize the opportunity to enrol for FREE.