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PSLE Math Final Revision

PSLE Math Final Revision

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Pricing Details:

  • Regular Price: $600: An investment in comprehensive PSLE Math preparation.
  • Promotion Period: Until the end of PSLE, this invaluable course is offered for FREE.

We recognize the need for a more organized and effective approach to PSLE revision. Instead of sifting through endless practice papers, we’ve devised a comprehensive plan for our Primary 6 students.

Our teachers have meticulously crafted a 10-hour online self-learning course, tailored to ready your child for the upcoming PSLE. This course entails video lessons and curated questions centred around crucial topics and frequently tested concepts.

Course Highlights:

  • Focused Learning: 10 hours of expertly crafted video lessons, designed to cover crucial PSLE Math concepts.
  • Structured Topics and Concepts: Lessons are organised into specific topics and concepts, allowing for targeted learning.
  • Comprehensive Lesson Notes: Detailed lesson notes accompany each video, providing written reinforcement of the video explanations.