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Beat exam stress


24 July 2023

BY: matrixmath

How to help your teen beat maths exam stress? Anxiety is a part of taking exams, and for the most part, it is a perfectly normal reaction that motivates your child to be prepared through study.

However, for some children, exam stress can get overwhelming. When this happens, your child may experience some of the following symptoms:

  • worrying a lot
  • complaining of headaches and stomach pains
  • not sleeping well
  • being irritable
  • losing interest in food
  • eating more than normal
  • not enjoying activities they used to enjoy
  • becoming negative in their outlook
  • feeling hopeless about the future

Talk to your child

See if it will be helpful for them to talk to a teacher or a school counsellor about their feelings around maths exam stress to keep their thoughts in perspective. Also, talk openly about exam nerves. Remind your teen that it’s normal to feel anxious. Help them put these nerves to positive use and help them face their fears rather than avoiding them.

Make sure your child eats well

A balanced diet is important and is food for the brain as much as for the body. Having the right nutrients in the diet will help your child perform well during exam periods and better cope with maths exam stress. Involve your child in shopping for the week’s groceries and encourage them to choose snacks that won’t spike sugar levels, which will only contribute to the stress.

Make sure your child gets enough sleep

Your teenager needs between 8 to 10 hours of sleep a night. This helps to improve thinking and concentration. Set up a bedtime routine for them to stick to that includes no screens of any kind an hour before bedtime. Make sure they aren’t staying up late to finish homework. Establishing a sensible study timetable will help avoid this.

Be flexible during exams

Give your teen a breather on household chores around exam time, where taking them away from their revision time may add undue maths exam stress.

Provide a comfortable study environment

Make sure your child has somewhere comfortable to study. They need a quiet place where they won’t be interrupted.

Encourage exercise during the exam period

This can boost energy levels, clear the mind and relieve stress. Activities that involve other people can be particularly helpful.

Avoid criticising

Listen to your teen, give them support and avoid criticism. Be positive and reassuring before they go into the exam. Remind them that failing won’t be the end of the world and they can always take the exam again if needs be.

When to get help

Some teens feel much better when exams are over, but not all get over their maths exam stress. If your teen’s anxiety persists, consult your GP as a first step. If stress is caused by their struggling with maths knowledge or exam techniques, try a trial lesson at Matrix Math. Contact us today!