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6 Ways Math tuition Center Tops Home Based in Singapore


29 January 2024

BY: matrixmath

It seems convenient to have a tutor come to your home to tutor your kids, but there is more to consider before you decide whether this is the way to go. Let’s look at the pros and cons of Home-based tuition.


A home-based tuition setting is obviously an advantage as the tutor can focus on your child’s specific areas of weakness. The lessons can be set according to the child’s speed of learning. Plus, your child’s attention will be fully on the lesson and not elsewhere.

The general thought is that group classes don’t give that personal attention, but at Matrix Math, that is not the case. We keep our classes small so the teacher can address each child’s concerns easily. Also, we provide customised workbooks to all our students based on their individual assessments. So your child is really getting private tuition but with all the benefits of a group setting, learning from peers as well as the teacher.


Home-based tuition will also allow the tutor to come up with learning materials customised to the lesson planned. However, this is no different at Matrix Math. All our lessons are planned ahead of time with specific teaching materials linked to each lesson.


It’s true that you can alter the timings of the lessons to revolve around your personal timetable if it’s a home-based tuition. However, while this is handy for you, you need to question whether it is to the benefit of your child’s learning.

Having the fixed schedule of centre-based learning adds a routine to your child’s study habits, which benefits them in the long run.


When you arrange home-based tuition for your child, you will select the tutor your child feels comfortable learning from and you can change over time if you find the tutor not suitable. While you don’t get that benefit in centre-based tuition, you do get access to qualified tutors who have already been vetted by the centre.

Here at Matrix Math, all our tutors are trained to deliver our lessons using the same time-tested results-driven method and are highly qualified to deliver results for your child not just in terms of maths knowledge but in their connection to each child. And at the end of the day, that’s what matters.


If you hire a private tutor to come to your home to deliver tuition lessons to your child, you get the benefit of updated progress at every lesson if you so choose. That means you tend to feel more invested and involved in your child’s progress.

The general consensus is that you don’t get this connection with tuition centres. However, at Matrix Math, we provide regular reports and updates on your child’s progress.

You don’t need these every single lesson as it takes time for learning to progress to be able to give a meaningful report. And if we feel that your child is not keeping up, we will intervene early and discuss the options with you. So you aren’t missing out on being involved when your child is with Matrix Math.


Home-based tuition is often much more expensive per hour than tuition you’d find in a centre for obvious reasons. At Matrix Math, we are able to keep rates affordable because we can supply one tutor to a group. But the great thing about Matrix Math is you are getting one-to-one tuition attention at lower group prices.