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PSLE Math Final Revision

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Course Description

We recognise the need for a more organised and effective approach to PSLE revision. Instead of sifting through endless practice papers, we’ve devised a comprehensive plan for our Primary 6 students.

Our teachers have meticulously crafted a 10-hour online self-learning course, tailored to ready your child for the upcoming PSLE. This course entails video lessons and curated questions centred around crucial topics and frequently tested concepts. Our series of videos breaks down complex subjects into easy-to-understand lessons, making revision not only manageable but also engaging.

In the lead-up to PSLE, having a solid grasp of key topics is crucial. With clear visual guidance, students can revisit challenging areas and reinforce their knowledge in order to build a strong foundation for PSLE.

Course Highlights

  • Focused Learning: 10 hours of expertly crafted video lessons, designed to cover crucial PSLE Math concepts.
  • Structured Topics and Concepts: Lessons are organised into specific topics and concepts, allowing for targeted learning.
  • Comprehensive Lesson Notes: Detailed lesson notes accompany each video, providing written reinforcement of the video explanations.

P6 Past Year Prelim Paper Solutions

Past Year P6 Prelim Paper Video Solutions

Course Description

In your preparation for PSLE Math, you will certainly be practising many Prelim Papers from different schools from past years. In this course, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive walkthrough of every question in the Prelim Papers so that you are well-equipped with the right knowledge and skills to tackle challenging questions.

Course Highlights:

  • Engaging video tutorials provide step-by-step guidance through every question, ensuring conceptual clarity.
  • Comprehensive solutions accompany every video, facilitating detailed practice and reference.